• Where is CTB based?

    Central Talent Booking has offices in Los Angeles, New York and London.

  • What services does CTB provide?

    We are a full-service firm with dedicated talent bookers experienced in establishing partnerships, talent producing, casting, creative consulting, executing influencer and celebrity brand campaigns.

  • What type of talent does CTB book?

    CTB works with actors, bands, solo, musicians, artists, comedians, authors, athletes, reality stars, politicians, experts, keynote speakers and influencers.

  • What platforms does CTB book?

    Central Talent Booking works across all types of media platforms: television networks, daytime and late night shows, live events, streaming services, podcasts,and more.

  • Does CTB provide a talent coordinator on site?

    We have experienced talent managers that handle all logistics and contractual needs for the client at the shoot.

  • Why should your team choose CTB?

    CTB is the first talent booking company of its kind, we have a top reputation as the best for 23 years. Joanna Jordan (CEO) who is known as one of the best talent executive over her 30 year career, has built a strong team who are result-oriented talent bookers, who manage all exchanges between clients and talent.

  • Who does my CTB team consist of?

    You can learn more about our individual team members here. Once we get an understanding of your platform, we formulate a team based on the individual bookers expertise, whether it be music, sports, books, etc. You and your team will work cohesively in getting the bookings you want with our industry relationships, think lists and databases. CTB also offers a client portal, in which you will be able to login at any point to watch the team’s progress in real time.