Partner with Central Talent Booking — Reach the Right Audiences in the Right Places

Maximize your clients' reach with Central Talent Booking — your gateway to high-profile platforms and unparalleled exposure. At CTB, we specialize in creating mutually beneficial relationships by collaborating with your clients in the right places at the right times to enhance their public image and drive attention to their projects.

Why Collaborate with CTB?

Unmatched Exposure

Highlight: Leverage our network of top-tier TV shows, podcasts, and game shows to significantly boost your client's promotional visibility.

From prime-time TV shows like 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to influential podcasts like 'This Past Weekend With Theo Von,' we discuss a range of platforms tailored to elevate your client’s profile.

Strategic Public Relations

Insight: We understand the value of strategic appearances. Partner with us to place your clients on shows that align with their upcoming projects — be it a book launch, a movie promotional tour, or brand endorsements. By enhancing their visibility at crucial promotional moments, we not only boost the success of their current projects, thereby increasing their potential earnings, but also significantly improve their prospects for developing their image. Partner with Central Talent Booking and let us collaboratively propel your clients towards unparalleled success.

Benefit: These appearances are not just interviews; they are opportunities to engage with massive audiences, ensuring your client's message resonates far and wide with a trusted partner in CTB.

Effortless Coordination

Process: Our team handles all aspects of booking, from initial outreach to post-appearance feedback, providing clips and social media assets from the production team to support cross-promotion of your client’s appearance, and ensuring a seamless experience for you and your talent.

Promise: With CTB, your clients are in good hands. Our professionalism and meticulous planning make every appearance a planned success.


Hear from some of the top publicists in the industry about why they trust CTB:

“The best in the business!”
LEWIS KAY Founder, Kovert Creative
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Joanna Jordan, the founder of Central Talent Booking, for over 25 years, and I can confidently say that her dedication and passion for excellence shine through in every aspect of her business. Joanna and her team are incredibly professional, efficient, and genuinely committed to delivering for their clients and partners. Working with them is always a positive and productive experience. Their expertise, commitment, and personal touch make them the best in the industry.”
Kelly Bush Novak CEO & Founder, ID Public Relations
ID Public Relations
“I have personally worked with Joanna and her team for over 20 years. Their long-time dedication to their clients is inspiring. They continue to be creative and ahead the curve in their field of talent procurement.”
Annett Wolf Wolf|Kasteler Public Relations
“Working with Jo Jordan and the entire CTB team for the past 15 years has truly been an incredible experience. They have supported both me and my clients since Day 1 and always work with the utmost respect, professionalism and passion. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to grow side by side with CTB and can't wait to accomplish even more together. Thank you to Jo and CTB for showing us all how it's done!”
Kate Rosen Public Relations Specialist, The Lede Company
Lede Company
“I've worked with Jo and her team for almost 20 years. They are incredibly professional, kind and always a delight to work with. Her understanding of the booking side of the business is top notch. She's the best at what she does. She knows how to spot great young talent and fights hard for what she believes in. She's been such an integral part of building and cultivating some of the most successful talk shows, podcasts and appearances. Our entire agency loves working with her and everyone at Central Talent Booking.”
Megan Moss Owner, Narrative
“Love working with Joanna Jordan and her team! Professionals who get it done. Joanna is creative, a problem solver and someone I love collaborating with (and we have been for well over 20 years!).”
Mara Buxbaum President, ID Public Relations
ID Public Relations
“I have worked with Central Talent Booking for over 10 years and Joanna Jordan and her entire booking team are the best in the business.”
Lindsey Ludwig Publicist, Viewpoint PR
Viewpoint inc logo
“I’ve been working with CTB and Jo for over 20 years and they are the best of the best. They are extremely professional and easy to work with. Even through the most high pressure situations with high profile clients, Jo always managers to help work through the conflict with precision and a smile.”
Michelle Margolis Publicist, The Lede Company
Lede Company
“One of the best in the business. Jo and her team have it dialed in, and fully understand the ever changing entertainment landscape. When CTB is attached to a booking project, you know it will be worth your client's time.”
Rob Greenwald EVP R&CPMK
“Absolutely adore working with them. A lovely group of people to work with. Responsive, fair, strategic, hardworking, smart, really good group.”
Jillian Fowkes Publicist, Birch Public Relations
Birch Public Relations Icon CMYK
“Very professional and always a pleasure to work with. Very thorough in their follow up and providing details when needed. Great team at the top of their game!”
Christina Papadopoulos Publicist, Initiative PR
“Central Talent Booking has been a go-to resource for me for many years. Jo Jordan and her incredible team are trusted collaborators who are consistently professional, responsive, smart, communicative, capable, helpful and always an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Lauren Auslander CEO, Luna Entertainment
“Joanna and her team are consummate, world class professionals and are, by a long shot, the best in class in their industry. it is a pleasure doing business with them.”
Simon Halls Partner, Slate PR
Slate pr
“Joanna Jordan and the entire CTB team are amazing to work with. Over 25 years of great, fun experiences together and with some of the team becoming like family. Always a pleasure and look forward to our continued working relationship with Jo and the CTB team.”
Jeff Raymond President of Talent, R&CPMK
“I love working with Jo and the entire CTB team. They are trusted professionals, creative, pay attention to details and get things done! CTB is the best in the business!”
Allison Elbl Senior VP, Shore Fire Media
“I have known Joanna Jordan since before she started CTB. I watched her grow the company, to developing the best team of talent bookers working on many media outlets where I regularly book my clients. We have been on the front lines together time and time again and I trust her instincts. Joanna and her team at CTB are reliable and efficient, as well as easy to work with.”
Jill Fritzo Jill Frizto Public Relations
Logo fill fritzo
“The CTB team works incredibly hard and operates with the utmost enthusiasm and professionalism. They do everything in their power to ensure their clients are getting the best of the best while maintaining their relationships with publicists and talent. You always know your clients are in good hands with the team and they also put great effort in discovering new talent. They are creative, fun, strategic, kind and truly a pleasure to work with!”
Elaine Patterson SVP, Publicity at Focus Features
Focus Features
“Love working with CTB. Joanna and Kellie are responsive, kind, informative and a joy to work with.”
Sara Zebrack Publicity Manager, Original Series at Netflix
Netflix Logo
“CTB is the literal best in the business. Joanna and her entire team on both coasts not only deeply care about the shows that they work with and the talent that they book, but they care about each and every relationship that they have in this business. Ours alone spans nearly 20 years and has continually gotten even better with each passing year! I know I am always in great hands with them, whether it's putting our heads together to make out of the box magic happen, or whether it's the simple nuances of a booking, which they are a part of from soup to nuts. I look forward to many more years of collaborations and working with the entire team at CTB”
Teni Karapetian Netflix Film Publicity
Netflix Logo
“I have always found Central Talent Booking to be a kind, courteous and respectful company - always at the top of the industry. The integrity and intelligence has been consistent over the 15+ years I've gotten to work with CTB...and I truly believe this is a reflection of Joanna Jordon and her leadership. I also pay closer attention when it comes from CTB.”
Matthew Polk Polk and Company: Theatrical Public Relations
“Love working with CTB! They are extremely professional and always collaborative. Have worked with the team here for many many years and I can’t say enough great things. They are always looking to partner with us with great out of the box ideas. I appreciate the attention to detail and love that it’s always a true partnership on every level.”
April Florentino Senior Vice President, Global Publicity of Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sony pictures
“My thoughts on Joanna Jordan haven't changed since I first met her in the late 1980's. They are as follows: And on the eighth day, God created Joanna Jordan. Thank you God for creating someone who has the best work ethic I have ever seen; who delivers on promises others are afraid to even make; and who is the "go to" person on getting things done. Memo to God: You done good.”
Stan Rosenfield CEO, Stan Rosenfield & Associates
“I have known Joanna for more than 20 years and have had the privilege and pleasure of working with CTB. She has assembled a great group of talent bookers and we have had great success putting clients on television shows, in magazines and on websites. Led by Joanna, the bookers at CTB are responsive, helpful, honest and collaborative. We value and enjoy our working relationship very much.”
Leslee Dart Founder, 42 West
42 West
“Jo is a consummate pro with the best contacts in the business, bar none.”
Desiree Gruber CEO at Full Picture, Co-Founder DGNL Ventures
Full Picture
“I have known Jo and worked with her in many capacities for many years. She is incredibly talented, a straight shooter and always delivers. I have been so impressed with her leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. She is also warm, loyal and a great friend. I would highly recommend her.”
Suzy Berkowitz Weksel Communications Executive
Refinery 29
“Absolutely love working with Central Talent Booking! The BEST in the business!!!”
Robin Davids Senior Vice President, Sony Pictures, Domestic Film Publicity
Sony pictures
“Central Talent are the most professional bookers in the business. They are processional, experienced, and just a pleasure to work with. The ability to adjust quickly in a rapidly changing environment is also very impressive. I recommend them without reservation.”
Jan Craft Vice President, Global Publicity at Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner bros logo
“I have worked with Central Talent Booking since their inception and it is my go-to company when I have a project that I need to publicize. They are super collaborative and innovative.”
Heather Phillips President of Global Publicity & Corporate Communications at 101 Studios
101 Studios
“I have worked with CTB for a very long time. They are the best in the business! Working on the studio side of things, I have booked many talent on their shows and it's always a smooth and collaborative process. We've joined forces on standard appearances, asset launches, stunts, viral videos - the list goes on and on. They are amazing partners, extremely professional and nimble. I look forward to working with them for years to come!”
Rebecca Klein Coordinator of National Publicity at Fox Searchlight Pictures
“Joanna, Kellie and the entire team are the best in the biz. They are always transparent, quick and kind. I love working with them. I wish they booked all the things.”
Samantha Srinivasan Founder, Sechel PR
Seckel PR

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Partner with Central Talent Booking — Reach the Right Audiences in the Right Places

Maximize your clients' reach with Central Talent Booking — your gateway to high-profile platforms and unparalleled exposure. At CTB, we specialize in creating mutually beneficial relationships by collaborating with your clients in the right places at the right times to enhance their public image and drive attention to their projects.