“I wish I'd had her in high school when I was looking for a date to the prom.”
Jimmy Kimmel
“Joanna is one of the best in the biz. If you need a firm to book your show, this is your team!! They have long-standing relationships with A-list celebrities and their publicists. And if they say they're going to deliver...they deliver! The best part about working with Joanna and her team...they are fun and delightful to be around. I highly recommend!”
Candi Carter Executive Producer
“One of New York's most respected talent bookers”
Emma Brockes Journalist, The Guardian
“Joanna and CTB has been my go to for Celebrity Talent Booking (and human interest guests) for over 20 years. She and her team treat each project like it's a top priority, giving it the attention, focus and energy that CTB is known for. The company is full of strong, smart women who all support each other and work as a seamless team. Joanna is also a mentor and many of her former staffers have gone on to become some of the strongest entertainment content producers I know. I've been lucky enough to have a few former CTB staffers work for me on various talk-shows and game shows. I recommend Joanna and CTB as the go-to team for any project, from broadcast tv series and live specials, to streaming video, digital media, live events and podcasts, they do it all.”
Corin Nelson TV Executive Producer
“Joanna Jordan and Central Talent Booking are truly the best of the best. Creative, connected, strategic, resilient, honest, hard working are just a few adjectives that describe Joanna and her entire team at Central Talent Booking. When you hire CTB, you can immediately take a breath, know they have your back, and will fulfill the job with amazing results. There is no one who knows the business better and gets it done. CTB will always be my first call when I have a booking need.”
Zoe Friedman Senior Vice President of Development/Head of Comedy at Blue Ribbon Content
“Considered one of the industry's premier bookers”
Tatiana Siegel Journalist, Variety
“I can highly recommend Jo and her team as excellent creative and strategic partners for leveraging the entertainment community and channels. I have worked with Jo many many times over the last 20 years and she always is willing to lean in, has fresh ideas, and has successfully innovated her business model as the landscape changed, usually ahead of everyone else. She is one of the most connected and respected women in the entertainment industry and is a pleasure to work with. She also happens to be a phenomenal human.”
Jennifer Ferguson Chief Communications Officer, Americas
“A supremely talented professional, Jo is simply the best. For organizations, and individuals looking for a talent company who can manage and produce from small to grand, this is the only person you need to reach out for. Not only creative and kind, you will also have fun. That’s a lethal combination in this day and age.”
Yvette Vega Emmy Award winning Executive Producer, Journalist
“My thoughts on Joanna Jordan haven't changed since I first met her in the late 1980's. They are as follows: And on the eighth day, God created Joanna Jordan. Thank you God for creating someone who has the best work ethic I have ever seen; who delivers on promises others are afraid to even make; and who is the "go to" person on getting things done. Memo to God: You done good.”
Stan Rosenfield CEO, Stan Rosenfield & Associates
“I have known Joanna for more than 20 years and have had the privilege and pleasure of working with CTB. She has assembled a great group of talent bookers and we have had great success putting clients on television shows, in magazines and on websites. Led by Joanna, the bookers at CTB are responsive, helpful, honest and collaborative. We value and enjoy our working relationship very much.”
Leslee Dart Founder, 42 West
“It's difficult to overstate the tremendous value Joanna Jordan and her business, Central Talent Booking, has had not only on my personal business projects, but also the television industry as a whole. Joanna and CTU have their pulse on who's doing what in Hollywood, and have provided me with top tier guest bookings on a number of television and digital shows. She and her team work with the best of the best. Not only does she make tremendous guests available to shows with all levels of reach and audience , she and her team go the extra mile on follow through, ensuring everything goes smoothly before, during and after the appearance. But also, quite importantly - she is really pleasant to work with. (That REALLY MATTERS!) I seize every opportunity I can to work and collaborate with her.”
Brian Balthazar President, Balthazar Entertainment, Executive Producer and TV Personality
“Working with Jo over the years has been both a pleasure and a learning experience for me. She is an absolute trailblazer in her field and is unflappable in the face of constantly changing media. Jo's vast network in the entertainment world is unrivaled. If you're working on a show with Jo and her team you know you're in good hands and the end product really does reflect that.”
Caitlyn Becker DailyMailTV Correspondent / DailyMail.com Reporter
“Joanna Jordan and her team and Central Talent Booking are incredible. I have been working with them for years and they are the best of the best!”
Lori Burns President of Lori Burns PR Entertainment Public Relations
“Jo is a consummate pro with the best contacts in the business, bar none.”
Desiree Gruber CEO at Full Picture, Co-Founder DGNL Ventures
“I had the good fortune to work with Jo on The Late Show with David Letterman and witness the birth and growth of Central Talent Booking. For me, CTB is the best talent booking company in the business and my go-to choice when building new shows, networks, and platforms. They’re smart, collaborative, and highly attuned to their clients’ needs. Best of all, they deliver their services with boundless energy and humor.”
Mitch Semel Producer • Board Member • Flight Instructor • Commercial Pilot
“I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know and working with Joanna Jordan for more than 25 years, both in television and film, and she has constantly impressed with her knowledge, skill and professionalism while also bringing warmth, personality and a great sense of humor to her work. She is the absolute BEST and Joanna and CTB are the gold standard for what they do. Strategic, smart and savvy, whenever Jo is involved the outcome is nothing short of magic. I cannot think of anyone I have a greater deal of respect and admiration for how they operate and what they do than Jo and CTB.”
Jonathan Sehring Entertainment Executive
“I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Joanna and CTB in a variety of capacities. Joanna truly leads by example and is an incredibly smart, thoughtful, generous person. I am always amazed how communicative and organized she manages to be despite working on seemingly countless projects. Whether new or long running, when Joanna gets involved with a production, she takes it to a whole new level!”
Lauren Leeds Producer, Writer
“Joanna has been a mentor, inspiration, and someone I’ve looked up to in our industry for almost a decade. Her tenacity and creativity is evident in the incredible path of her success. I’ve always been amazed at the projects she’s able to manifest. Joanna has this grace and elegance that radiates you to want to be her friend, and get involved in whatever she’s working on. I’ve been blessed to call her a friend, and no matter how busy she may be, Joanna is that friend that will always pick up the phone to help.”
Steven Levine President of Marketing & Artist Relations Elvis Duran Group
“Jo Jordan is the best in the biz! She and her team at CTB go above and beyond, and they are all awesome! I highly recommend Jo and CTB for all of your celebrity and booking needs!”
Madeleine Smithberg Host/Producer at Mad in the Kitchen
“One of the rewarding facets of working at the Late Show with David Letterman is that Dave hired the best people possible to do the job. His cameraman was Walter Cronkite's cameraman. The writers were from Harvard. The crew won countless Emmy awards for their technical prowess...and on and on. It inspired all of us to take our game to the highest level. After all, our host was one of thee best in the history of show biz. Working with Joanna was incredibly special. She brought her prowess and expert knowledge from the world of entertainment to her job. She was also great for me when I needed counsel to make my job better. And I could trust her implicitly. She is a savvy businessperson and a highly compassionate human. She makes everyone around her better.”
Eddie Brill Stand up Comedian
“I have known Jo and worked with her in many capacities for many years. She is incredibly talented, a straight shooter and always delivers. I have been so impressed with her leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. She is also warm, loyal and a great friend. I would highly recommend her.”
Suzy Berkowitz Weksel Experienced Communications Executive
“I have worked with Joanna for more years than either of us care to admit. She was and is a brilliant talent executive, the best in the business.”
Valerie Van Galder Marketing, Producing and changing the conversation around mental health
“Joanna is brilliant, thoughtful and kind. A gift to work with in New York. Grateful for her presence of mind every day.”
Masha Tivyan Writer/Comic
“Joanna Jordan and her company Central Talent Booking are great to work with. Thoughtful, professional, and always quick to respond. I love working with Joanna and her team.”
Greg Longstreet Senior Publicist at Polaris Public Relations
“Jo is a force of nature. She and her awesome team work incredibly hard and always finds a creative solution to meet the goal. She was really helpful in increasing our impact at Omaze.”
Matthew Pohlson Co-Founder & CEO at Omaze
“Jo is one of the hardest working people I know. Taking personally the success of her staff and her clients as well as dedicating every other "spare" moment to her kids and her family. Although my sister, I have no hesitation in recommending and commending her to all those who want true expertise and loads of effort dedicated to a successful result.”
Cath Fox Objective, Founder
“I’ve been booking talent on CTB shows for years, and they are the absolute best. Complete professional top to bottom. Jo Jordan has put together quite the team of rockstars! Highly recommend.”
Mackenzie Lawn Publicist, Netflix Film
“Absolutely love working with Central Talent Booking! The BEST in the business!!!”
Robin Davids Senior Vice President, Sony Pictures, Domestic Film Publicity
“Central Talent Booking is a reliable, congenial and top-notch booking agency. They are very up front about their booking, truthful and in-depth. It’s wonderful to have bookers who are kind, timely and thoughtful, as it makes my job so much easier to do. Jo Jordan created a wonderful firm at it’s obvious why it has stood the test of time. She continues to evolve the company with her finger on the pulse, and she is one of the best in the industry from whom to garner productive, constructive feedback.”
Jeffery Chassen Vice President and Development Exec at III Kippers Productions
“It’s an absolute pleasure to work with the Central Talent Booking staff. They understand the business and how to create and maintain relationships with agents, managers, publicists, as well as the talent themselves. They are well-organized and prepared to do whatever it takes to secure guests across a variety of media platforms. They do a thorough, detailed job and always try to be sensitive to schedules, time/location constraints, and have strong communication skills. They make it a priority that all parties involved in the process are happy and satisfied with how an interview, personal appearance, or event turns out.”
Todd Fritz Executive Producer - The Dan Patrick Show
“Central Talent are the most professional bookers in the business. They are processional, experienced, and just a pleasure to work with. The ability to adjust quickly in a rapidly changing environment is also very impressive. I recommend them without reservation.”
Jan Craft Vice President, Global Publicity at Warner Bros. Pictures
“I had the pleasure to work with CTB previously, and I am happy to recommend their talent booking services. CTB is an amazing team of highly effective talent bookers who are dedicated to their clients and walk the extra mile every day, to ensure complete satisfaction during every step of the booking process. The team has extensive connections in media and will use those connections to best service their clients. CTB is a great team and I hope to work with them again in the future.”
Mimi Bagyinszki Video Operations Manager/ The New York Times
“I have worked with Central Talent Booking since their inception and it is my go-to company when I have a project that I need to publicize. They are super collaborative and innovative.”
Heather Phillips President of Global Publicity & Corporate Communications at 101 Studios