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Apr 28, 2011

MAY we update you....

We are thrilled for the new season of Tosh.0 to premiere next month. Coming up (spoiler alert): Manny Pacquaio Vs. Daniel Tosh! Check out the sneak preview:

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It was also a very fun-filled month on the Nate Berkus Show. He shared some great moments with special guests Susan Lucci and Maya Angelou, had the tables turned on him when "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Nene grilled him about his love life and his hair! And even got some style tips from everyone's favorite fashionista, Kim Cattrall!
CTB has proudly partnered with Just Jared and LACOSTE in presenting their new series of exclusive celebrity interviews, "Just Jared Presented by LACOSTE." Celebrity guests will be interviewed by an unseen third party host, giving the viewer a unique perspective of the interview process. We are excited to announce that production has begun!
Congratulations to all of the 15th Annual Webby Award Nominees! Find out who will join the elite group of innovators and technical visionaries including Al Gore, Prince, Zach Galafianakis, Lisa Kudrow, Amy Poehler, and many more, on May 3, 3011 when winners are announced. The Webby Awards Gala will follow on June 13, 2011, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City and will be live-streamed on Youtube for the first time. Tune in to see all winners get honored for their pioneering work.
Inside the studio at the Daily Habit:
Bow Wow
Jason Priestley
Bobby Lee
Bow Wow, Jason Priestley and Bobby Lee were standout guests at The Daily Habit this month

More in exciting exciting May events: CTB has proudly partnered with UNICEF to present Celebrity Karaoke, "Playlist with the A-List." Jack Black, Rita Wilson, Kristen Bell, Kyle Maclachlan and Christian Slater are all set to perform ...and many more to come! Ricky Minor will direct the event will be held on Tuesday, May 17 at the El Ray Theater in Los Angeles.

The Deleon and Columbia Records concert series "Locked" is off to a great start! Foster the People had a great show at The Box earlier in the month and we are thrilled for the next event: Peter Bjorn and John at The Gramercy Park Hotel Rose Bar May 4, 2011.

Young Hollywood took it's studio on the road for Coachella. As a simulated version of its Four Seasons homebase, the YH luxury bus toured the festival and caught up with some very special guests including Laidback Luke, Jack's Mannequin, and Yelle.

We are ALL excited for the very funny Tom Papa to return as the Marriage Ref on June 26th. The second season of The Marriage Ref will air on Sundays at 10pm on NBC.

President of BBC Worldwide America, Herb Scannell and Her Majesty’s Consul General of New York, Sir Alan Collins KCVO CMG come together in true royal style to host a celebratory breakfast in honor of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's marriage. The Royal Wedding Open House will truly be the Who's Who of the British Society in New York. Special guests will come together on Friday April, 29th at the BBC Worldwide Headquarters to share cocktails and crumpets and watch live coverage of the event!
Jimmy Kimmel Live! Continues to see Big Increases in the Ratings through April. Penelope Cruz, Vin Diesel, Robert Pattinson, and Courtney Cox are among some of the biggest stars to recently chat it up with Jimmy. Check out some of the month's best interviews.

Penelope Cruz on JKL

Vin Diesel on JKL, part 1

Vin Diesel on JKL, part 2

Vin Diesel on JKL, part 3

Robert Pattinson on JKL, part 1

Robert Pattinson on JKL, part 2

Robert Pattinson on JKL, part 3

Courtney Cox on JKL, part 1

Courtney Cox on JKL, part 2

Courtney Cox on JKL, part 3

Courtney Cox on JKL, part 4

Also, many very funny comedy pieces helped contribute to such a strong month. Two hilarious highlights were when Johnny Knoxville and Brittney Spears shared an exclusive deleted scene from Jackass 3D.

And when Martin Short his previewed his "passion project" which he wrote, produced, and starred in....
"Jersey Short"

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