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Jun 16, 2008

June 2008

Well it's hot and it's busy...sounds like summer at CTB. Between the NBA Finals, all the awards shows and 'business as usual,' we just might be going a little crazy from the heat. In a good way

It's been a great NBA Finals series so far, well, unless you're a Lakers fan, but particularly if you've been tuning in early to catch Jimmy Kimmel Live Game Night - and nearly 10 million viewers did for the first three shows. On Sunday, Barack Obama took a few minutes out of his Father's Day to talk to Jimmy and attempt what might be the world's first satellite-hook-up-fist-bump. Check it out. Not to be outdone, Sen. John McCain was also on to talk sports and BBQ, while Jimmy lobbied for a spot on the ticket - see for yourself. It's just been killer show after killer show, with recent appearances from Adam Sandler, Liv Tyler and an exclusive Incredible Hulk trailer with Edward Norton - Edward and Guillermo just might be the next Ben and Jimmy...

Up in the Big Apple it’s been non-stop awards shows. Jo, Kellie and Jennifer were on hand for the 2008 CFDA Fashion Awards at the New York Public Library and spent most of the lovely June evening running back and forth with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The turn out was amazing, as always, and the awards show went off with out a hitch. Some of the talent involved this year included: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Eva Mendes, Victoria Beckham, Kim Cattrall among other stellar presenters. Check out the video wrap-up at Style.com and more pictures here.

Elsewhere in the city were two nights of the wonderful Webby Awards. These annual salutes to the best of the web brought out everyone from Lorne Michaels to Will.i.am to the infamous Obama Girl. Like the medium they celebrate, the Webby Awards are innovative, unconventional and fun, particularly the Webby's traditional five-word acceptance speech for winners. This limit challenges awardees to be a little more creative, and always yields some interesting results. Some of this year’s highlights include:

  • Michel Gondry, winner of Webby Person of the Year: "Keyboards are full of germs."

  • Lorne Michaels, winner of a Lifetime Achievement Award: "Five words is not enough."

  • David Byrne, winner of a Lifetime Achievement Award: "Mr. DJ, can you play another song?"

  • Tay Zonday, singer of Chocolate Rain: "Contact me for voice work."

  • And Stephen Colbert, winner of the Person of the Year Award put it all in perspective: "Me, me, me, me, me."

Rounding out the awards show trio, Bravo held its very first awards show, the A-List Awards, featuring all of your favorite stars from the network’s reality shows and a healthy dose of celebrity winners. Hosted by the one and only Kathy Griffin, the show premiered on June 12th, but if you happened to miss it (or one of the many repeats), check out the Bravo A-List page for clips, pictures and behind the scenes dirt.

Over at Style.com, Famke Janssen took time out to chat with Men.Style.com’s own Tyler Thoreson in their very first “In the Closet with…” video series. Also, Lisa Loeb takes you on a personal tour of her kitchen on Epicurious.com and be sure to check out Zooey Deschanel’s video, where she talks about pretty dresses in scary movies.

The big talk down in XMDC, is all about the merger. After almost sixteen months of speculation and waiting, it looks like things are finally starting to move forward. We're not quite ready to stop holding our breath yet, but to say we're excited would be an understatement. Elsewhere in XM DC, the XM KiDS Traveling Roadshow wrapped up with a big concert down on the Mall, featuring none other than Lisa Loeb. Lewis Black also came through to talk about his latest book, “Me of Little Faith.” Maybe we're masochists, but there’s just something incredibly satisfying about being yelled at by Lewis Black…

It’s already been a hectic summer for Opie & Anthony with their first annual animation festival at Roseland. It was a huge success – head on over to iTunes to download the animations. Personally, our favorite O&A related video features CTB’s own Roland in: Tragic News with (Tickle Me) Roland (now with animation). We work with him and we still can’t get enough. But meanwhile back on the show… Tito Ortiz came through through the studios, Mark Wahlberg called in to check up on the boys and the always outrageous Terrell Owens stopped in to talk football.

As always, O Magazine has a lot to look at, talk about and read. This month’s O interview is with Oprah’s life-long friend, Maria Shriver - check out a cut of their interview here. Cynthia Nixon (Sex And The City) shares her Aha! Moment in the June issue of O magazine, while Author Mary Roach tell us what is on her book-shelf. And always be sure to read our favorite creative director, Adam Glassman’s, column about tips on what to wear.

Things are busy over at Best Week Ever - recent videos include Seann William Scott, William Shatner and Michael Urie. Good stuff indeed.

There's a lot coming down the pike with new projects and new clients, but we'd like to take a moment to congratulate the newest CTB bride, Alyson, who tied the knot with her longtime beau Vincent. Congrats!

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