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Jun 27, 2007

June 2007

Welcome to the first edition of the brand new CTB blog, where we take a moment to look back at the month that was and some of the incredible things going on in and around our CTB world. Looking back at June, it was another exciting month with lots of names, places and famous faces…

Ok, well we’re cheating a little here, but it’s our blog so we’re starting off in May in the Bahamas - can you blame us? The CTB crew headed out to the grand opening of The Cove Atlantis to join the wonderful Jerry, Greg and Jen for another fabulous Kerzner event. And what an event it was – Stevie Wonder, Steven Tyler and Janet Jackson up on stage while the likes of Lindsay Lohan, John Travolta, Sir Sean Connery and Tyra Banks were rubbing elbows in the crowd all weekend long. Lots of CTB love for Chris Evans, surely the next big thing if the Fantastic Four is any indication. And the fireworks were absolutely amazing – see some of the fun here.

Back in NY, Jo and Kellie were on hand for this year’s CFDA Fashion Awards, lots of beautiful people in beautiful clothes, including our favorite VIP guests, Gayle King and Oprah, who looked as fabulous as ever.

Erica was on hand to enjoy John Legend bringing down the house with a stunning performance at the FiFi Awards. Nice clips on YouTube here.

Jimmy Kimmel Live tapings were bubbling with great guests - Bernie Mac, Kevin Costner and Seth Rogen. Rima was doing what we like to call the CTB Hustle for the Ocean’s Thirteen Red Carpet premiere, making sure Jimmy Kimmel star Guillermo got some face time with Ocean’s crew. Kisses from George Clooney, hugs from Andy Garcia and not quite enough time for Matt Damon, watch it here.

Jo and Kellie had a day of meetings in LA with the incredible Adam Glassman, the Creative Director for O magazine and O at Home on top of being a completely lovely man who should be every wonderful woman’s best friend. New O at Home Summer Issue with Mariska Hargitay looking absolutely stunning. Of course.

After last year’s Aretha Franklin Tribute, we’re all very excited to get started on this year’s Smokey Robinson Tribute. Paula and Jo stopped by the Kodak Theatre to see our dear friend Louis J Horowitz (director of the Oscars and pretty much every major TV awards show) and got a sneak peak at the Al Pacino Tribute rehearsal, which looked amazing.

It’s summer so it’s movie time and that means lots of premieres. Maria Sansone & the The 9 hit the Entourage party. Vince, Ari, Turtle, Eric and Drama are back after a one week break with season 4. Medellin!

Die Hard premiere was…awesome. Roland and Jo went and brought along Jo’s son Antoine. Lt. John McLane is back, no question about that. The crowd loved it and, most importantly, Antoine loved it. If that’s not a resounding endorsement these days, then what is? Justin Long stopped by The 9 as well, check out the outtakes here.

XM was as busy as ever. Don Cheadle, Kasi Lemmons and Taraji Henson came through the DC headquarters to talk to Bob Edwards, Cinemagic, Broadminded,

Suite 62
Soul Street
for the magnificent new movie, Talk To Me. Look out for Taraji – definitely a breakout role for her. NY was bubbling with the Ethel on the red carpet for the Entourage & Die Hard premieres, while back in the studio the Fantastic Four stopped by to talk to 20on20, which was, well, fantastic.

Roland headed to JonesBeach for another sold out stop on the Opie & Anthony Traveling Virus Tour to watch Bob Saget, Louis CK and Little Jimmy Norton rock the house. LOL indeed.

Kellie, Roland and Jo went to the Jerry Seinfeld event for Bee Movie at MoMA. The movie looks absolutely incredible and will be huge this fall. Lots of cast and friends in attendance - Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Rock and Renee Zellweger who looked particularly lovely. Pics here

We all had a quick scare with Jimmy’s appendectomy. After some expert advice from Jo and the Internet, everything turned out fine and he’s back for killer week of shows to close out June - Don Rickles, Robin Williams, Debra Messing – our favs, the Ice Road Truckers, from our brilliant friend Nancy Dubuc at the History Channel.

We have a fabulous new client, the amazing Ricky Jay who is truly unbelievable. He’s a slight of hand artist/actor/author and in his new show he explores the fine art of cons, frauds, and hoaxes with experts, luminaries and fellow raconteurs. Breathtaking stuff, directed by Jesse Dylan. Check out the trailer here.

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