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Aug 03, 2007

July 2007

Our good friend Jimmy Kimmel co-hosted the 2007 ESPYs with LeBron James. The show was amazing and a lot of fun to watch, check out some of the highlights

here if you missed it.

Good news back at Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Atlanta affiliate has picked up the show, putting JKL on every network-affiliated station in the country. It’s about time with so many great guests rolling through the Hollywood Boulevard studio – Adam Sandler & Kevin James, Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker and the hilarious Michael Cera & Jonah Hill (special shout out to McLovin for his first TV appearance)…how’s that for the young male demo. Plus Zac Efron, Andy Samberg, David Duchovny and Dateline’s Chris Hansen, who is always an excellent guest. The highlight of the month might have been Brian Williams and his intimate knowledge of JKL.

Matt Damon and Jimmy's relationship continues, check out this clip of Guillermo with Matt in the Bourne Ultimatum here.

Lots of football fans here at CTB, so we’re all excited about working with the NFL Network. It’s a great group of people over at NFL Total Access, and there’s going to be a bunch of terrific guests coming through to talk football.

Kellie and Jo had a meeting with Tiffany’s about a very special evening that they are putting together at the
5th Avenue
Store. More to come on that soon…

Busy month for XM, working hard on an exciting new comedy show with some of our favorite XMers – Kenny Curtis, Eric Logan, Lee Abrams and Ron Bennington… The first tapings in New York were fantastic and there’s a bunch of great stuff in the pipeline. It’s going to be an awesome show this fall, can’t wait till we can tell you more...

Over at O&A, it was pretty much business as usual – the brilliant minds behind the Simpsons stopped by to talk about the movie, Ozzy Osbourne checked in to wish Lil Jimmy a happy birthday and Andy Samberg popped in for the “Hottest Rod” Contest…but that’s another story for another blog. And if you haven’t picked it up yet, Jim Norton has a hilarious new book out.

Meanwhile, Maria & The 9 were knee-deep in costumes, light sabers and hermetically-sealed comic books at this year’s Comic-Con. Dane Cook & Jessica Alba did a little co-hosting, Rosario Dawson stopped by to talk about her new comic Occult Crime Task Force and Jon Favreau gave us some dirt on Iron Man, watch it all here. The resident CTB geeks are just excited about the new Indiana Jones movie. Coming up for The 9 is a run of shows from the incredible LG House in Malibu.

The first taping of the new Ricky Jay show happened, and it was a huge success with a slew of top-notch guests – we’ll tell you more when we can.

Heading on vacation? Throw the August issue of O mag into your beach-bag! You can see what Claire Danes is reading in the “books” feature, what Jill Scott is listening to in the CD feature AND…. the lovely Hope Davis shares her Aha! Moment with our dear readers. Also this month, creative director Adam Glassman had Angie Harmon channel Ali MacGraw in a beautiful 8 page fashion spread.

You must see Ricky Gervaispainting video for Men.Style.com, part of the wonderful CondeNet family. We are delighted to be working with them and it is a very cool way for celebs to do something fun and different.

Jo and Lesley ventured down to Tampa for a lovely chat with HSN honcho Mindy. She is a wonderful woman and HSN is an absolutely fascinating place – Commerce and Television, the wave of the future. Lots of big things in the works, and we are thrilled to be a part of it…in the meantime, check out the newly re-launched HSN website.

Elsewhere on the web…Brett (CTB researcher and resident online savant) has unearthed this month’s entries in the Pure Online Gold category. Entertaining & mesmerizing, it’s the perfect way to kill a couple minutes of your day. July’s selections are Chocolate Rain and Internet Dream, which contains some very accurate commentary on today’s internet craze. And the line “living your life with a clickity-click.” Hard to remember the world before YouTube…

Finally, our good friend Rory Rosegarden has got a new show coming up at VH1 and wants his family at CTB to work on it with him – and we’re thrilled to do so.

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